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This 3D printing materials guide includes materials used in the Acceleration Station™, powered by the Carbon® Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) process. These additive manufacturing materials are used for prototyping and producing real, functional parts. These materials uniquely combine excellent mechanical characteristics, high resolution, and exceptional surface quality into isotropic parts ready for real-world products.

3D Printing Materials

Biocompatible, sterilizable, and chemically resistant

High-strength, excellent long-term durability, functional toughness

High-strength, functional toughness, and high ductility

Soft, biocompatible, and tear resistant

Highly elastic, tear resistant, and energy damping

Highly Resilient, Tear Resistant, 40% Bio-Based

Energy-damping, strain-rate-sensitive, elastomer

Flame retardance, functional toughness, and long-term stability

Excellent strength, stiffness, and temperature resistance

Tough and fatigue resistant

Tough, rigid, and clear

High temperature resistance, high stiffness, dimensional stability, exceptional surface quality

Highly elastic, tear resistant, and energy returning

Soft, excellent durability, Energy-damping, elastomer

Strong, tough, and highly heat resistant

Simple, colorful, and quick to print

Highly elastic, tear resistant, and energy returning