New Additive Manufacturing Material Available

Additive Manufacturing Material Acceleration Station

A new additive manufacturing material is available for Acceleration Station™, powered by the Carbon® Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) process. The Acceleration Station engineering and production teams work closely with you to save time and money, by optimizing parts for digital manufacturing.

Design for additive manufacturing can make previously unmanufacturable parts, such as lattices and complex geometries possible. With a full selection of additive manufacturing materials offering different strengths, temperature tolerances and flexibility, Acceleration Station is ready to take your product to the next level.

New Additive Manufacturing Material: Henkel Loctite IND147™

Henkel Loctite IND147™ is a rigid, black resin with high stiffness, high-temperature resistance, dimensional stability and exceptional surface quality. It is a low-cost and fast alternative for small components with complicated geometries used under high-heat applications in industrial, consumer and automotive markets.

Loctite® IND147 is a third-party resin offered by Carbon materials partner Henkel and validated to work with the Carbon platform. Henkel and Carbon also announced the expansion of their strategic relationship to offer several new resins, which will be made available on the Carbon idea-to-production platform in 2023.

High temperature resistant resin for tooling & molding

Loctite IND147 tough resin is designed for tooling and molding applications. With high temperature resistance up to 230°C and high stiffness, this material is an excellent choice for a range of applications, including production of high-temperature end use parts.

Color: Black


  • High heat deflection temperature, HDT 230°C
  • Tough with good dimensional stability
  • Good surface finish

Discover new product and part possibilities with Acceleration Station.

Loctite is a registered trademark by Henkel Corp.