Diversified Plastics chosen as Obama-Biden small group community discussion leaders

Diversified Plastics led Obama-Biden healthcare Transition Team
Diversified Plastics-led Obama-Biden healthcare transition team

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN — December 20, 2008 — Recently, the ObamaBiden Transition Team asked Diversified Plastics to lead a small group community discussion on what people felt were the main issues regarding health care. The incoming Administration was requesting thousands of these small groups to meet between December 15th and December 31st of 2008. Invitations were sent out to local businesses and within a period of 48 hours we had received an overwhelming response. What was originally anticipated to be a group of only 1012 turned into a crowd of 27. Another dozen had to be turned away due to lack of space.

The meeting was held on Tuesday, December 30th in the middle of a snow storm but that didn’t stop people from filling up our lunch room. Many business owners, bankers, managers of long term care facilities, the Director of local food shelf, along with the Mayor of Brooklyn Park were just a few of the individuals that attended.

Over the course of the meeting, we had a very diverse range of opinions and insights as to what needs to happen to improve healthcare and the related costs in this country. The results of this meeting were then forwarded to the ObamaBiden Transition Team to help shape the new administration’s health care reform proposals.

The local cable channel twelve was on hand to report on our meeting as well. You can view this report at the following link: http://nwtv12.dayport.com/launcher/4628/?tf=nwtv12player.tpl

We received some very good responses and the group overwhelmingly indicated that this type of meeting should be an important part of shaping the country’s health care reform initiative. Despite the differences of opinion, the group remained very professional and positive toward each other.

It was a very gratifying experience to help play a small part in setting up this discussion. Hopefully, our responses will aid in making some truly positive changes on this very important issue.