Parts Manufactured by Diversified Plastics, Inc. Get Closer to Jupiter’s Giant Storm

Juno SpacecraftComponents manufactured by Diversified Plastics, Inc. are contained in an instrument on the Juno Spacecraft that is orbiting Jupiter. This spacecraft and its instruments are the closest human-built objects to travel past the biggest storm in our solar system, known as the Great Red Spot.

NASA recently posted the closest images that have ever been taken of the Great Red Spot. Captured from the Juno Spacecraft, these images are allowing scientists to learn more about the gigantic storm with winds peaking around 400 mph. The Great Red Spot is double the width of Earth. A detailed study using Juno’s other instruments will be conducted to gather more information about the storm.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Gerald Eichstädt

The Jovian Auroral Distribution Experiment (JADE) instrument is one of the instruments that the spacecraft is carrying. JADE contains three parts manufactured by Diversified Plastics, Inc. Engineered by a nationally recognized independent research and development laboratory, the JADE sensor is being used to measure electrons and ions that produce Jupiter’s strong aurora. Learn more about the parts that Diversified Plastics manufactured for JADE.