Webinar: Manufacturing the Impossible with Modern Technology

Learn about the latest advancements in plastics manufacturing and the incredible abilities available from Carbon.

Learn more about Carbon and Acceleration Station

During this webinar, Carbon’s Jason Lopes, former lead systems engineer for Legacy Effects, reveals how many television and film blockbusters, such as Avatar and Iron Man, were created using the Carbon® Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS) process for additive manufacturing. Lopes explores the capabilities unlocked by Acceleration Station™ — powered by the Carbon DLS process.

The Carbon DLS Process

  • Fuses light and oxygen to produce products from liquid resins
  • Allows many end-use parts to be produced economically
  • Make one, make a million parts
  • Manufactures nonporous parts, comparable to thermoplastic injection molding
  • Uses materials customized for mechanical properties, surface finish and stability