Design for Injection Molding

Design for Injection Molding Component OptimizationInvolving Diversified Plastics from the start of a project results in a better quality part at a lower price with fewer problems. Therefore, we offer design for injection molding services to customers. Whether you are new to plastics or have been designing in this media for years, we can review your 3D CAD model of the part for ease of molding or reduced tooling costs. Our engineers have years of experience and can also assist with overall product design.

Diversified Plastics is capable of supplying plastic prototyping samples, including:

  • Machined
  • 3D printing
  • Prototype molds built in our in-house tool shop
  • 3D printed injection molds

Each project is unique and may require a different style of prototyping. We can assist you in design for injection molding which includes selecting the best prototype option for your project. Our goal is to help you produce a better part for less money. This means that we are there every step of the way using lean manufacturing practices, completing FMEAs and identifying cost savings.

Diversified Plastics uses SolidWorks for designing in CAD. Additionally, our engineers are experienced with a variety of CAD software programs. Send us your design and let us show you our expertise.

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