Diversified Plastics, Inc. (DPI) has transferred hundreds of tools over the years. Based on this experience, DPI has developed the transfer tool program to shorten the time to production while also obtaining parts of the highest quality possible.

DPI’s Transfer Tool Program provides a full review of each tool upon receipt. It incorporates a complete cleaning of the transferred tool and allowance for basic modifications. The activities below are included for each tool transferred.

Struggling with bad parts, missed deadlines, and tight budgets can be difficult. Manufacturing’s a challenge, from juggling suppliers to considering onshoring. Recognizing these problems early is key, saving you from losses and leading to smoother operations with solutions like tool transfer.

Here’s what many in the industry are grappling with:

Quality Concerns: The frustration of receiving parts that don’t meet your standards is a common pain point. Ensuring every piece is up to par is non-negotiable.

Delivery Delays: When parts arrive late, it throws everything off balance. Timeliness isn’t just a preference; it’s critical for maintaining schedules and commitments.

Cost Constraints: Navigating the fine line between quality and affordability can be tricky. Finding cost-effective solutions without sacrificing standards is essential for staying competitive.

Supplier Complexity: Managing multiple suppliers for one project isn’t just cumbersome—it’s inefficient. Streamlining these processes can significantly reduce headaches.

Onshoring Shift: With global uncertainties, the trend towards bringing manufacturing back home is growing. This shift demands a strategic approach to ensure reliability and continuity.

Facing these challenges head-on can feel like a lot to handle, but you’re not in this alone. Identifying these issues early not only saves you from potential losses but also sets the stage for more efficient and streamlined operations.

Watch Our Video: For more insights and a comprehensive understanding of how tool transfer can be your solution to these common issues, click here to watch our explainer video.

Contact your DPI sales engineer to discuss your transfer tool requirements and learn how our Transfer Tooling Program can support your needs