Plastics Machining

In addition to our molding capabilities, we assist those who have a need for parts where the volume does not justify tooling or where secondary machining of a plastics molded part is required. We have a wide array of machines ready to help in this area.


Small production orders of 10, 20, 50 or 200 pieces are a perfect fit for our computer-controlled machines. We have experience machining a variety of materials and we are dedicated to quickly providing our customer with quality parts.

Secondary Operations

Whatever your machining needs, we can provide necessary support. Perhaps a hole is needed in only a few molded parts. We can help by drilling that hole in our machining center. Or maybe an outside dimension (O.D.) has tolerance requirements tighter than the injection molding process will allow. We can help by turning the part with our CNC lathe to the proper specifications.


Machining of plastics is sometimes the method of choice for prototype samples. Diversified Plastics is capable of supplying these samples by machining the plastic samples from rod, bar or sheet stock.

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