A leading contract manufacturer, Diversified Plastics has state-of-the-art ISO 13485 and 9001 certified facilities in Minnesota and California. In addition to plastic injection molding, DPI offers additive manufacturing and micro molding capabilities. Both locations include the latest manufacturing, clean room, tooling and quality assurance equipment. Our facilities meets the highest industry standards and have earned numerous certifications and awards.

DPI North

  • CAM Software: Mastercam
  • CAD Software:  Solidworks
2Bridgeport Vertical Mills with Digital Read-outs
3Clausing Drill Presses, Multiple Speed
1Multi-spindle Drilling and Tapping Commander Head
1Clausing Lathe, Model 1300
1CNC Lathe HAAS SL20
1Makita Cut Off Saw
1Fadal VMC 4020 CNC Milling Machine Center, High Speed CPU, 21
Position Tool Carousel
1Belco Medical Tray Sealer, PLC 3025 with closed loop process controls,
validation ports for time, temperature and pressure. Accepts trays size up
to 29″ long x 24″ wide x 6″ deep
1Accu-Seal 15″ Medical Sealer
5Toledo Parts Weighing Scales
1Sergeant Shrink Tunnel
1Automatic Pallet Wrapper
1Roller Conveyor, Automatic Stapler, Banding Machine, Etc.
 5Conair MicroTrac 2 Series Mold Temperature Controllers, ¾ HP
 3Conair MicroTrac 2 Series Mold Temperature Controllers, 1 HP
1Conair TW Mold Temperature Controller
5Advantage 2000 LE Mold Temperature Controllers
1Conair Compu-Dry Dehumidifying Material Dryer, Model CD-60H
 1Una Dyn Dehumidifying Material Dryer, Model AD
 2Novatec MD 25 Material Dryers
 150 Ton Advantage Cooling Tower
 2Advantage 450 Gallon Pumping Stations
 1Novatec Dehumidifying Material Dryer, Model PLD-120
1Cincinnati Milacron Material Dryer, Model DD-100
 4Conair Compu-Dry Dehumidifying Material Dryers w/Dew Point Readout, Model CD-30D
 1Sullair Air Compressor, Model LO-30, HP
 1Novatec NW-150 Nova Wheel Dryer / 600 L3 Hopper
 1Rapid 400-45 Granulator 14”X18”
1Dukane 220 Ultra Sonic Welder 20 kHz
1Branson Multi-Level Ultrasonic Welder, Model 902R
1United Silicone Pad Printer, Model UP450 (Decorates up to 4-1/2” X 7”)
1Ranar DP-1076 Pad Print Dryer
1Manual Silkscreen Machine
1United Silicone Hot Stamping Machine, Model US-40
1ISM Rivet Machine, Model EMKA
1Alva Allen Staking Machine, Model L1-105
1Visumatic Automatic Screwdriver with Shaker Bowl, Model 900BF
1Despatch Annealing Oven, LAC Series
1Branson Spin Welder, Model SW200 Servo
5Nelmor 10 HP Material Granulators, Model G1012SSP1
1Nelmar Material Granulator, Model 8X10FFP
4Nelmor Material Granulators, Model G810VL
2Cumberland Material Granulator, Model 16X200
4Husky Hot Manifold Controller
3Conair Dust Beater Proportional Hopper Loaders with 90-lb. Capacity Hoppers
1Novatec Hopper Loader w/400-lb. Capacity Hopper
1AEC Proportional Hopper Loader with 90-lb. Capacity Hopper
1Cincinnati Milacron Air-Operated Hopper Loader
1Conair Dust Beater Proportional Hopper Loader with 250-lb. Capacity Insulated Hopper
2Conair Dust Beater Nonratio Loaders
1Conair Compressed Air Material Loader
2Conair 22DL Mini-Vacuum Material Loaders
5Conair Martin Robot Pickers, Model EX 150
1Advantage TR200 Negative Pressure Unit
1Conair MicroTrac Negative Pressure Water Temperature Controller TW-1
1Miscellaneous Wquipment: Barrel Type Material Tumbler, Hydraulic Press, Tappers, Drill Press
1Zeiss DCC Eclilpse 28X28 CMM with Touch Probe & Articulating Head
1Numerex Coordinate Measuring Machine with Touch Probe, Model 1518-10BT
3Surface Plates
12x Stereo Microscope
1Deltronic Optical Comparator with Digital MPC-1 Readout, Model DH14
1Mark 2 HP Moisture Analyzer
1Vertex 210 Vision System
1Chatillon TCM201
1Mecmesin Multi Test 5-i
1Thread Gauges, Radius Gauges, Torque Gauges, Force Gauges, Height Gauges, and Fixtures
  • QC-Calc Statistic Software
  • Label Maker
  • QA/S SPC—Quality Control Software
  • Labelview Barcoding Label Software
  • IQMS Fully Integrated and Inventory Control, Scheduling, Budgeting, Accounting, Invoicing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, etc.

Medical Manufacturing

  • ISO 14644-1 Class 8 Standards (Class 100,000)
  • HEPA Filter Unit — Part # CAP112-26004C-1 — UL Listed
  • Paint — PPG Aquapon WB Clean Room paint
  • Flooring — Vfine-F-10148 Vinyl

Belco BM PLC 3025 with Closed-Loop Process Controls, Validation Ports for Time, Temperature and Pressure. Accepts Tray Size up to 29” Long x 24” Wide x 6” Deep.

Accu-Seal 15” Medical Sealer

  • Fume/Exhaust Vent Hood
  • Wall Mount, Stainless Steel
  • Dickson Graphing Model FH320 with Visual and Audible Alarms
  • All Equipment Can Be Validated. Environmental Monitoring Procedures Are in Place for Bio-Burden and Particle-Count Testing.

Design Tool & Engineering Inc.

  • CAD Software: Solidworks 12
  • CAM Software: Master CAM
1HAAS V-3 with Renishaw Probe
1Fadal VMC 4020, High Speed CPU, 21 Position Tool Changer
1HAAS VM-2, 30″ x 20″
1Mitsubishi VX10 with C Axis and 16 Position Tool
1Makino EDAF2 with C Axis and 16 Position Tool
3Bridgeport Mills, Series I
3With Digital Read-Outs
3With Power Feed Table
1Surface Grinder — Chevalier, Model FSG 618
1Surface Grinder — Harig, Model 612
1CNC Surface Grinder — EZ Bridgeport Control, Model 618, CNC Grinding and Wheel Profiling
1Surface Grinder — Okamoto 12 x 24 DX ACC
1HAAS SL20 CNC Lathe
1Clausing Lathe, Model 1300
1Deltronic Optical Comparator, 14 inch with Read-Outs
1Mitutoyo Toolmakers Microscope with Read-Outs
1Mitutoyo Digital Count Dial Height Gage
1Gage Pin Set, .011/.750 Diameter
1Gage Block Set 81 Piece
112″ Starrett Cadillac Height Gage
Various Quality Measuring Instruments
1Tru-dex Radius Dresser — Harig
1Tool & Cutter Grinder Deckel — Model SO
1Dust Collector Torit — Model 84
1Grind-All Fixture — Harig #1
1L-TEC Heliarc — 250 HF Welder and Cutter
1Hermann Schmidt Squaring Block

DPI West

  • AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop
  • SolidWorks
  • MasterCAM
  • Fadal 4020 3-axis CNC mill
  • Prototrak 3-axis CNC mill (2)
  • Prototrak 2-axis CNC mills (3)
  • Conventional mills (2)
  • Lathes (3)
  • EDM, sinker (2)
  • EDM, wire
  • Precision surface grinders (4)
  • Deckel single lip cutter grinder
  • Extensive tooling and inspection accessories
  • CAD mold design


  • Toshiba 500-ton, 72 oz.
  • Toshiba 390-ton, 41 oz.
  • Fortune 275-ton, 29 oz.
    • Wittman 3-axis Robot
  • Toyo 250-ton, 17.5 oz., all electric
  • Toyo 200-ton, 16 oz. (2)
  • JSW Vertical 165-ton, 8 oz.
  • Toyo 150-ton, 6.7 oz.
  • JSW 146-ton, 5.5 oz., all electric
  • Fortune 143-ton, 8.8 oz.
    • Yushin HOP Five Sprue Picker
  • Fortune 110-ton, 6.1 oz.
  • Toyo 90-ton, 5.5 oz.
  • Fortune 88-ton, 3.4 oz. (2)
    • Yushin HOP Five Sprue Picker
  • Toyo 35-ton, 0.9 oz.
  • Cincinnati 33-ton, 1.8 oz.

All units have desiccant dryers and mold-temperature controllers.

  • Carbon Additive Manufacturing
  • Dimension FDM
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Assembly and packaging
  • All secondary machining
  • Custom-tailored production and inspection procedures per unique customer specifications
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • ISO 13485:2016 Certified
  • Keyence 8030T Vision System
  • RAM Optical Video CMM
  • Extensive conventional inspection equipment
  • Data Color Spectro Photometer
  • IQMS Integrated ERP Software for Molding Operations, Inventory Control, Financial Accounting


Synergies Clean Room