New white paper explores how previously unmakeable parts can now be designed and manufactured

Design for Additive Manufacturing White Paper

MINNEAPOLIS—Diversified Plastics, Inc. (DPI), custom plastic-injection molder and additive manufacturer of high-precision components, has released a new white paper titled Design and Manufacture the Impossible. This white paper details how Carbon® Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) technology allows engineers and manufacturers to explore what has been previously impossible to produce using conventional manufacturing. Some of the design possibilities discussed include articulating structures, sharp corners, complex lattices, consolidation of multiple components into one, new surface textures and more. To download this white paper, visit

“Many new product designs and innovations have been restricted by limitations of plastic injection molding and other conventional manufacturing processes,” says Annette Lund, vice president of Diversified Plastics, Inc. “This white paper shows engineers how Carbon DLS technology transforms product design and production.”

Unlike other traditional 3D-printing technologies, Carbon DLS is not just for prototyping. Engineers can now design complex end-use parts that can be manufactured, without tooling, in small- to large-volume production runs.

The white paper discusses the use of generative design tools, which help engineers transcend the limits of traditional design. Learn how geometries, lattices and materials can be optimized to meet specifications for strength and durability, while reducing overall weight. Also discover how to take products to the next level with each part customized to user-specified parameters.  Additionally, the white paper highlights how engineers can boost quality, strength, stiffness, heat dissipation and performance.

Download the white paper by visiting or for more information, call +1 763.424.2525 or email