Customize Color and Stiffness with EPU 46

EPU 46

Introducing EPU 46, a high-performance elastomer material offered by the Acceleration Station® that features incredible customization in color options and material stiffness. Used in the Carbon DLS additive manufacturing process, it is also durable enough for high-performance, demanding applications, making it a great choice for engineers and designers who need a reliable and versatile material.

EPU 46A key benefit of EPU 46 is its tunability. The material stiffness can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your application. Softer formulation of EPU 46 can be used for parts that are flexible and durable. Material stiffness can be tuned through different resin ratios to achieve material stiffnesses from Shore 78A to Shore 56A without compromising printability.

EPU 46 is available in black and a color base, allowing direct coloration. This means that you can create a variety of opaque and translucent colors without sacrificing printability or mechanical properties.

The versatile elastomer material can be used for a wide range of applications, including medical devices, lattice cushioning and compression and other uses benefited by lighter parts through lower-density lattices.

If you are looking for a customizable elastomer material with tunable stiffness and color matching, EPU 46 is a great option. To learn more about EPU 46 or to get a quote, please contact Diversified Plastics, Inc. today. You can also use our Acceleration Station instant quoting app to get a quote quickly and easily.